Loam Collaboration: A Toast to the Watermelon Radish… on Toast

Loam Collaboration: A Toast to the Watermelon Radish… on Toast

As I bring more vegetables into my diet, I’m trying to enjoy them in a way that spotlights their true flavors. (Goodbye, cheese sauce, my old friend.) Plus, getting my veg from a local farm presents a unique opportunity: I may, in some cases, be tasting the truest flavor of the vegetable for the first time. Since each vegetable from my local farm is grown in season, carefully tended and harvested within days of distribution, I plan on savoring their unique flavors through raw snacking and simple recipes.

Enter the watermelon radish. This little treasure was part of the inspiration for the blog (and the blog name, of course) because it captures the idea behind this space: An open-minded discovery of unexpected flavors and new paths to personal wellness.

I avoided radishes for years because I was sure I didn’t like them, and I kind of viewed them as sad, dieting food (because of their low-cal, low-carb stats.) I mean, the florescent-lit existence of the salad bar radish is not the best impression of the vegetable. So when I received a whole bag of fresh, in-season watermelon radishes, I had to leave my assumptions behind and start slicing.


Watermelon Radish Toast


The watermelon radish appears as expected on the outside: A hearty root of earthy white and pale pink. But slice one open and you’ll be astounded by a vibrant, almost tie-dye-like sunburst in rich fuchsia. Simply gorgeous — and delicious!

Even if you aren’t a radish fan, a thinly sliced watermelon radish, crisp and slightly sweet, will become a favorite snack and go-to tasty garnish. I was finally won over when I tasted a good radish, and now I use them to bring some brightness and crunch to my tacos, soups and curries. (That’s my blurry hand in the picture — I couldn’t wait to get another bite!)

Still skeptical? Head over to the Loam site to check out my watermelon radish toast recipe. It’s a great starter dish for radish rookies — nine out of 12 chefs agree😉

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4 thoughts on “Loam Collaboration: A Toast to the Watermelon Radish… on Toast”

  • Good ideas! I thought about it some more, and maybe garbanzo beans would be a good fit since they have a similar shape/size/consistency to hominy. Thanks again for the tip 😀

  • Mmm…pozole:D Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in Mexican cooking, Cynthia! I’ve been looking to lots of different cultures and cuisines to learn how to use my seasonal veg better, and I’m so grateful to be picking up new flavors and techniques:) Plus, cabbage is in season right now! I don’t always eat grain/corn–Can you suggest a substitution for the hominy? Maybe potatoes?

  • Great post! In Mexico, we use sliced radishes on top of stews, like pozole, for their crunch. You might try a veggie pozole (since it’s traditionally a pork stew); we typically include raw shredded cabbage, sliced radishes, and hominy. 🙂

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