The Humble Radish is a come as you are space for wellness discovery.

The blog was born out of a simple realization: Health looks a little different for everyone. This realization came over street tacos and a conversation with my sister about our changing views on health. What does it mean to be healthy? Is the idiomatic โ€œpicture of healthโ€ different from person to person? Does that image change as we grow older, grow wiser or learn more about our bodies? Oh yeah, and what about mental and spiritual wellness?

I realized that my vision of health meant something different when I was 10 years old (eating my vegetables so I could have dessert), 20 years old (working two jobs with energy to spare) and even 30 years old (prioritizing time with a therapist). And the more I listen to my body, the more my understanding of health and self-care fluctuates โ€” even day-to-day!

So I decided to cook up this space as a lab for evolving health and wellness. My humble hopes are to do good, eat better and be well. Easier said than done some days, and thatโ€™s okay:) This blog is for anyone who is interested in the wellness journey – body, mind and spirit. Those learning that every day is a voyage in itself, and tomorrow provides another chance to continue the trek.

I hope you find resources here that meet you where you are so you can ascend to the wellness you desire, one day at a time.